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Diffuse Maculopapular skin rash

Dear Ask The Doctor:
I am having maculo-papular rashes. too many. so itchy. i taught it was chicken pox but no vesicles seen. no fever plus i had chicken pox and herpes zooster before. its kinda diffused and started centrifugal. 5 days now and its getting more. now it has spread on my legs and arms. CBC normal. Im currently taking acyclovir. My allergologist prescribed me with antihistamines and multivitamin. It wont go away. what is this? what can i do with this?


I would advice you to see your family physician regarding this rash since it is spreading. The cause of the rash can range from a drug/ food allergy to  more serious systemic conditions. You may need a physical examination as well as more testing to determine the exact cause of the rash.

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