Disc degeneration

Patient: I have spondylolisthesis of my L4-5 which is isthmic in nature, also i have foraminal stenosis and disk degen erstion at the L3-4 AS WELL AT THE 4-5 L4 is also translated a little forward on my L3. he thinks this is more degenerative in nature. they are suggesting a 2 level minimally invasive decompression and fusion, instrumently l3-l5. this sounds like serious surgury, the question i have is 1. is this something that is caused by me getting old and was born with this or i am in law enforcement and in 2 case the first was a fall down a flight of stairs the 2 from a fight with a inmate could this have cause my injury. the second question is after this surgury will i be able to do normal activities and work again i am a 47 yr old male 5.11 and 240 lbs with no bladder or bowel problems and some leg pain my doc said that between 2006 and now the movement was 6mm on my back

Doctor: Your condition does sound like it requires surgery. These changes in your spine have developed over years as a result of aging. The fall you sustained may have worsened a pre-existing condition but it is too late to tell at this point.After surgery you should be able to go about your normal activities including work, after a recovery period. Surgery is aimed at stopping progression of the disease as well as relieving any symptoms you have at present.