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Discharge and mucus from rectum?

Patient: For the past couple of weeks I have had a weird smell coming from my anus. When I would wipe it felt as if it was sweaty (even though the smell was more rancid than sweat). So I passed it off as that, but started noticing the lingering smell on my underwear. Today, I had an instant urge to use the bathroom as if I had diarrhea, but when I went to use the bathroom all that came out was a yellow mucus, no stool. The urge happened 3 times and I felt as if I didn’t use the bathroom I would go in my pants, but every time it was mucus or a watery yellow discharge and a lot of loud gas. I have had no pain, no blood, I don’t believe I have been constipated (my last normal stool was about 3 days ago I believe), and I cut out dairy a few weeks ago from my diet. I’ve been eating a lot of foods high in sodium ( I usually don’t use salt for anything) like packaged ramen and canned soups. I am also free of any STDs.



Symptoms: Yellow discharge, anus, mucus.



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting for an opinion.If you have been suffering from diarrhea with mucous in stools and experiencing a putrid smell from rectum then these are indications that you may have contracted an AMOEBIC infection called amoebiasis. This is generally contracted by eating in restaurants or outside especially fast foods or junk . This can however be treated with a course of antihelminthics and gut antibiotics for a week which can be prescribed by your physician. It is important to get a stool culture done to isolate the amoebic cysts so that you may be started on medications soon. So, visit your physician.I hope i have answered your query,wishing you speedy recovery,regards

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Patient: Did you not read my question? I stated it was just mucus, it is not in with my stools. When I went to the bathroom all that came out was mucus.

Doctor: Hello,
Yes i have read your question and if it has been just mucous through the anal opening then the amoebiasis is severe and the bloating accompanied with it causes the gas which is being released in phases of gas and then mucous . you need to start on antiamoebics and gut antibiotics soon. Please visit your phyician for a prescription soon as the longer you delay, it might turn into dysentery and you may start experiencing even blood along with mucous.


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