Dislocated collarbone?

Patient: My right shoulder has pain. my right collarbone feels as if it seperated where it meets the left collarbone. if i raise both arms at the same time tto shoulder hieght from the sides, the right shoulder appears to look higher than the left. the right clavicle appears to be higher also. do i have a seperated shoulder?

Doctor: The clavicle or collarbone articulates by means of a cartilage to the sternum on the inner side and to the acromion on t he shoulder part. The diagnosis of clavicular fractures and/or  associated dislocations is usually straightforward and based on the mechanism of injury; the location of swelling and bruises; and the findings of deformity, tenderness, and cracking. There is tipycally pain over the injured site and  the affected extremity is held  in adduction (very close to the body). With the most common site of injury, fractures to the middle third of the clavicle, the shoulder is typically slumped downward, forward, and inward.