Dislocated shoulder

Patient: Ive been playing hockey my entire life. 5 years ago i dislocated my shoulder and every year since during the season i would pop it out once or twice and put me out for a while. after the last time i decided that my hockey is done and when i went to the doctor it was back in they took an xray and said that no bones were broken and put me in a sling for a while. should in get surgery or is it worth it?

Doctor: Recurrent shoulder dislocation is common problem among professional as well as non-professional athletes. There are seve ral different surgeries than can be performed to stabilize the shoulder depending on the specific area of instability. Surgery and intense rehabilitation would certainly help you and allow you to continue playing hockey. Often there are other problems associated with recurrent shoulder dislocation which may need to be repaired at the time of surgery. The necessary surgery can be done arthroscopically. This means that surgeon uses a special camera and instrument to do the repair resulting in a much shorter recovery time than traditional surgery.