Dislocation of Shoulder or Collarbone?

Patient: I wiped out while skiing on Sunday, landing on my right shoulder (etc.). The pain has been intense, especially during the night. I went to one of our walk-in clinics here in Traverse City yesterday, and after XRays, the doctor said I had no breaks. He prescribed pain medication and sent me home.If I only have soft tissue damage, would it hurt this bad? I can seriously barely move my right arm without experiencing EXTREME pain. It hurts constantly even without movement. I have a sling I’ve been wearing, which has helped somewhat. Anyway…I’m wondering if I could have dislocated something, and if so, would a dislocation of a bone show up in a XRay?

Symptoms: Constant pain in right shoulder. EXTREME PAIN during any movement, especially when attempting to raise my arm out to the side. In fact…I can’t raise it to the side. Yesterday during XRays, they had to call in another person to raise my arm for me and hold it for the XRay. Tears were running down my face.