Dissolvable staples not dissolving

Patient: I had a c-section on 10/13 and was told that they used dissolvable staples. My OB doctor told me that it was strange at my 6 week follow up, but told me that I should be okay as long as they aren’t painful and to just wait it out. Two weeks after that appointment they are still there, still full stapkes, and seems to be across the whole incision. Do I need to worry about these not dissolving yet? Should I get a second opinion?

Doctor: The revolutionary Absorbable Skin Staple is comprised of a co-polymer of polylactide-polyglycolide with a well-establish ed history in wound closure. The Subcuticular Skin Stapler places an absorbable staple horizontally in the dermis to achieve an everted skin closure.The device presents tissue in thepath of two surgically-sharpened needles to capture a precise ‘bite’ of dermis on both sides of the incision. A rigid, u shaped absorbable staple with cleats secures the closure.These Staples are made of an absorbable copolymer derived from lactic and glycolic acids which degradein vivo by hydrolysis and then metabolized. Absorption begins as a loss of tensile strength without anappreciable loss of mass. At 10-12 weeks, the staple is approximately one-half its original mass, and theremainder is absorbed during the subsequent months. This results in more cosmesis after a wound closer and is highly acceptable.Sometimes absorbable staples take more time to dissolve, but this long is rare. A second opinion if you are facing problems or are in doubt or are left dissatisfied.