Diving and Asthma

Patient: HiMy son Kenneth Andersen born 07.06.200 has been diagnosed with allergy against cats and has easy recognizable asthma symptoms a few days after been in contact with cats or been on a home visit at families which has a cat at home. He has when he was younger had bigger asthma symptoms probably caused our own cat some years ago before we was visiting a asthma medical back in Norway and was aware of his problem. He has normally been whiteout any asthma symptoms the last couple of years, but we can still see the symptoms very clearly when he has been close to a cat or a cat home. Kenneth wants very much to try scuba diving at our vacation in the Philippines this month. Only one test dive at a professional Padi diving center with an instructor, with me as his father by his side.Can you give me your advice or recommendation in this matter? Can or should Kenneth try scuba diving?