Dizziness, anxiety and slight decrease in hemoglobin level: What is causing this

Patient: I had a couple blood tests done a month apart. Here are the results from the 1st one:d Component Results Component Your Value WBC Count 4.0 RBC Count 5.17 Hemoglobin 14.1 Hematocrit 42.7 MCV 82.6 MCH 27.3 MCHC 33.0 RDW 13.0 Platelet Count 299 MPV 8.9 Neutrophil 40.0 Lymphocyte 37.0 Monocyte 9.0 Eosinophil 2.0 Basophil 0.0 Atypical Lymphocytes 5 Bands 7 Absolute Neutrophil Count 1600 Absolute Lymphocyte Count 1480 Absolute Monocyte Count 360 Absolute Eosinophil Count 80 Absolute Basophil Count 0 Absolute Banded Neutrophil 280 Differential Type Manual Total Cells Counted 100 Platelet Comment Normal RBC Comment Normal Here is the 2nd one: WBC Count 3.0 RBC Count 4.58 Hemoglobin 12.7 Hematocrit 39.0 MCV 85.2 MCH 27.7 MCHC 32.6 RDW 12.7 Platelet Count 228 MPV 8.9 Neutrophil 40.0 Lymphocyte 52.0 Monocyte 4.0 Eosinophil 0.0 Basophil 0.0 Atypical Lymphocytes 4 Absolute Neutrophil Count 1200 Absolute Lymphocyte Count 1560 Absolute Monocyte Count 120 Absolute Eosinophil Count 0 Absolute Basophil Count 0 Differential Type Manual Total Cells Counted 100 Platelet Comment Normal RBC Comment Normal I know it says normal but I have been having days where I’m dizzy, out of it and feel raw, have anxiety and such. Mostly around my period. Thanks, Ashley

Doctor: The only thing that could be of concern on comparing your two tests is that your hemoglobin level has dropped from 14 to 12  . This could be the reason for your dizziness . However it is improtant to state that the levels are still normal and it can vary especially after a menstrual cycle in women. I would advice you repeat the test again in a month and compare the values. The other cause of the symptoms could be a change in hormonal level and thus leading to premenstrual syndrome which could lead to similar symptoms. However if they do get worse please consult a physician in person to rule out any heart /thyroid involvement, any other source of bleeding  and anemia. All the best.