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Dizziness, eye twitching and tiredness

Dear Ask The Doctor:
I have been having dizziness and headaches, and when i wake sometimes I feel like I am going to passout as well as have been having twitching of my left eye on and off for about 3 months now. The past 2 days it has been constant and I am also so tired can not seem to get enough sleep. I am not sure what or why all this is going on. I do not have insurance at the moment so I have put off going to the er but it seems I am just getting worse. Any idea what could be causing all this?


In my opinion, all your symptoms may be related to iron deficiency anemia. You need to supplement your diet with iron rich foods including vegetables, fruits, date, fig, spinach, cereals, grains, eggs, milk and meat. Meditation and yoga exercises may help reduce stress and improve sleep quality. You may want to get your iron levels tested and if necessary iron supplements may also be taken to help reduce deficiency.


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