Do I have a cold or sinus infection 

Patient: Do I have a cold or a sinus infection . I have a headache sometimes cold chill coughing,sneezing ribs are sore for coughing so much had a fever the other day 100 what could it be

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The symptoms you have described could have started off as a sinusitis, triggered by an allergy presenting as sneezing and then complicated by an upper and lower respiratory tract infection. Cough, chills and pain in the ribs indicate a lower respiratory tract infection due to long-standing cough. Signs of fever indicate the infection is worsening.Suggest you to immediately see a Doctor for an examination and rule out pneumonia. The cause could be viral or bacterial. You will need a chest x-ray and antibiotics depending on the examination and investigations. Meanwhile, control the cough with an over the counter syrup which contains expectorant and mucolytics. You may take citrezene tablet to stop sneezing and paracetamol for fever control. Steam inhalations and warm saline gargles will help as well.Hope this helped.Regards