Do I have a meniscus Tear and do I need an operation?

Patient: Dear DrI am not sure if I have a meniscus tear as two Orthopedic doctors have given me two contradicting diagnosis. I just turned 50 years old. One doctor told me I have meniscus tear in posterior horn (after seeing the MRI image on his screen but before reading the radiologist report) and the other told me that the tear may be old and has nothing to do with my condition. He also could not feel any evidence of fluent in knee.To brief you, I felt pain in my right knee 10 days ago going downstairs but no pain during walking.I continued to do my daily walk exercise. A day later, my knee hurts when I put weight on it during walking and driving. No knee swelling is apparent. Xray showed no abnormalities and MRI reports “Mild fluid in the knee joint. Subtle focus of high signal in patella and distal femur (what does it mean?). The anterior horn,mid portion and posterior horn of both menisci display a smooth intact surface”.I took 90mg Arcoxia (etoricoxib)for 9 days and I stopped after reading about its side effects. I am now taking 600mg ibuprofen. Does the reading from MRI report confirms the meniscus tear? Although from as little as I know about reading medical reports it clearly states menisci display a smooth intact surface.I am worried because the first doctor told me I may need an operation if I don’t improve in two weeks. The other doctor advised me that I need to rest my knee and do some exercises.Thank you