Do I have a STI? First off I am a 19

Patient: Do I have a STI?First off I am a 19 year old male in college and I am uncircumcised. I have been very sexually active my first year but primarily the first semester. This semester, I have had sex with 2-4 people. I have had unprotected sex for the most part.3-4 days ago I was about to have sex with my Friend with benefits in our dorm hall and when I started, I felt a pain and realized I had a cut under the head of the penis where the skin attaches (the Y area). We stopped and didn’t continue due to the pain I was having. I didn’t think much of it. I can’t recall how many showers I took in-between the time I tried to have sex and to when she texted me saying she felt sore down under a couple days later. I have never had to be tested for any STI or STD in my life and now I am presented with this situation. It started off with getting a few more little cuts on the inside of the foreskin. Then progressed to being sore and painful to retract the skin. Now, I have a larger cut on the top left of the foreskin on the inside near the tip as well as ( I don’t want to use the word sores because then people get disgusted but small white/slightly yellow spots on the inside as well. There are only slightly painful when messed with (which i have done minimal of). Smegma is accumulating but I do what I can to pull back the skin without causing any discomfort and clean with water. I haven’t used soap due to the irritation caused by it. I’m going to see the university health center tomorrow. Any thoughts?I haven’t had sex with any other partner in 2-3 weeks and haven’t had more than 2 partners since probably February or January.Also, I got the cut under the head of the penis from friction during sex. She wasn’t fully aroused and it pulled on the skin causing the small “tear”/cut

Symptoms: Symptoms: Sore, itchy, small bumps on inside of foreskin