Do I have a UTI or Kidney stones?

Patient: I was told I have a UTI. However. When I pee, there is blood and at times blood clots in my urine. It feels like I’m peeing razors. I have the urge to go all the time, but don’t always actually go. And I have lost just about all control over my bladder. Could this be something more like kidney stones, or just an UTI?

Doctor: Both kidney stones as well as a UTI can lead to blood in the urine. However a UTI typically presents with urgency( sudde n need to pee ) or frequency ( increased need to go ) and burning on urination. A renal stone especially the ones which are large enough to cause symptoms lead to pain either in the abdomen or the pelvis. Your symptoms seem more typical for a UTI. You can consult your physician for a simple urine dipstick and urine analysis which will be able to give the accurate diagnosis and also for further antibiotic treatment. All the best.