Do I have ADHD?

Patient: Dear Doctor,From small, i have always been a naughty and a hyperactive child. I couldn’t sit still and I used to talk a lot. Whenever i ask my parents they say i was a normal child.But now, I am having problem in concentrating and focusing in only one thing. Like when I am studying I have problem in that also. I can’t seem to concentrate for more than 5 min. And other problems are I want attention and social problem. Whenever my friends are talking I have to talk in the middle and gain their attention. I have small group of friends and i don’t converse much with others. I am also an impatient person. Whenever someone is late i get very impatient. I get excited and start to dream and I don’t even hear what others are saying.I also say things without thinking that hurt others.One of my psychologist friend told me its the symptoms of ADHD. Is it true? I really need help in my studies and change my attitude. Do you think i should get help with a psychiatrist?

Symptoms: No concentration, talking a lot, impatient, talking loudly