Do I have an EDNOS?

Patient: Ok so i’m 145lbs and 5′ 1″ 16 year old female. I know i’m overweight… but heres the thing.. Ever since I was 10 years old I’ve been on diets and when I was 10 i was only 100 pounds. Within the past 6 months I became obsessed with calorie counting, excercise, and weight loss. I was so frustrated that I was just maintaining my weight and not losing. So about four months ago I stopped eating breakfast and lunch. I was only eating 500 calories a day until my friends noticed and made me eat. I had lost 7 pounds in one week. Which seemed awesome to me. Then because my friends freaked out I started eating regularly again and gained it all back. About a month later I did the same thing again for one week. Only this time I would eat less one day then a whole bunch of food the next! Which made me more frustrated. Then I stopped again because I was getting really dizzy a lot and I didn’t like it. Then a month later I did it again only this time I got so dizzy one day I couldn’t even lift my head. I was weighing myself two times a day and measuring myself and everytime I counted calories I’d aim for 1000 calories or less. Now I have realized that this was a bad mindset and i’m trying to get out of it. now I eat 1200-1500 calories a day and excercise 3-4 times a week for 30-60 minutes. I feel like 1200 is so much though but I know I need it. I still am fighting the though of going back to 500 calories a day but it had made me so sick… I’m just terrified of gaining all my weight back or even plus some. My starting point was 150lbs. Is this an eating disorder? Even if I’m eating normal now? I can’t be anorexic because I know i’m really overweight and I’m not bullimic because i’ve never thrown up on purpose or taken laxatives or anything like that… I have someone who is a good older woman in my life who is trying to help me find why I turn to restricting my calories. If I haven’t done that in over a month is it still an eating disorder? Or am I just being dramatic? What do I do?