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Do I have an std?

Patient: Do I have an std?



Symptoms: There is a small cut at the base of the foreskin and a rash has developed right next to it, there are a couple small sores or cuts at the base of the head, a yellow discharge, the (what I think) are lymph nodes are swollen and tender above the penis, and very seldom I get a burning sensation when I pee



Doctor: Thank you for your question. The symptoms you have described could be possibly caused by a sexually transmitted infectio n. Without examining the are and performing the appropriate testing we cannot confirm this diagnosis. We do recommend that you see your doctor to be examined and have STI testing conducted. You may need to be placed on antibiotics to clear this infection. Please refrain from any sexual activity until you have been evaluated by your doctor as this illness can be contagious.Thank you for choosing

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Guest: Hello doctor, I’m asking this question 2 weeks removed from any type of sexual contact. I’ve always used protection even though I have had multiple sex partners, but the protection has never been an issue. Even after I’m done, I check and make sure the condom didn’t break. I’ve never had a single symptom in my genital area, not one. It just scares me when I read that some STDs don’t carry symptoms for a while. There has been no changes in my body the past 2 weeks, everything is normal. Should I be worried?

Guest: I recently noticed an itchy anus. Concerned if this is an std. I am 28 year old male. Never had anal sex. Always use condoms when engaging in heterosexual intercourse. Please advise your opinions very grateful for any responses. Thank you.
Picture for reference. I was squatting while using camera phone hope this works:


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