Do I have depression? anxiety?

Patient: Do I have depression? anxiety?Over the past couple of months I’ve been having suicidal thoughts, I’m hardly eating anything, I have self harmed, I randomly gag, I over think situations, and I constantly feeling insecure. Why is this happening?

Symptoms: suicidal thoughts, hardly eating anything, self harm, random gagging, over thinking situations, constantly feeling insecure.

Doctor: You have raised the right question. All the symptoms you have mentioned are indicators of depression. Infact, depressio n can present with both psychological and physical symptoms. It reduces or affects many of our biological functions like eating, bowel and bladder functions, sleep and weight etc. Self harming, over thinking and thinking negatively like suicidal thoughts are again indicators of depression. There is a small possibility that during adolescence we have a crises situations you are mentioning. Any way that need to be assessed by your family doctor or the specialist. In the meantime please inform and discuss the problems with your parents or well wishers, which is most important. Enlisting there help may solve many of your problems. Please have strength and confidence in getting things right.