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Do I Have Diabetes?

Patient: I m 28 years old.i have symptoms of diabetes one.-please suggest me the initial medication


Doctor: You have not mentioned what specific symptoms of diabetes you are experiencing.Some of the symptoms of diabetes includ e:Frequent urinationIncreased thirstUnusual weight lossBlurry visionIncreased hungerTo diagnose diabetes to need to do the following tests :Fasting plasma glucose : 126mg/dl or above, diabetes is confirmed if the repeat test is similar on a different day.Random glucose test : A level of 200mg/dl or higher is confirmatory.You do not need medication until you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes. In the meantime, maintain a healthy lifestyle, reduce sugar consumption and exercise regularly.

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Guest: my fasting sugar level is 97 and post lunch is 110 please advise


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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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