DO I have Diabetes? My Blood Sugars are 8.8

Patient: Im not a diabetic but just took my blood sugers and they are reading 8.8 should i see my doctor iv not eaten since 12 midday

Doctor: You have not mentioned whether the blood sugar test was a fasting or a random test. If the test was a fasting and sugars were more than 126 mg/gl or 6.9 mmol/L then you need to do a repeat test to see if they remain elevated. If the second test is also elevated then a diagnosis of diabetes is made.Any random sugar level of more than 200 mg/dl or 11 mmol/L with constitutional signs of diabetes like increase thirst, frequency of urination, blurring of vision confirms the diagnosis of diabetes. You may then have to see your doctor to discuss treatment options.In the meantime : try to decrease the amount of sugar you take. Maintain an active lifestyle with regular exercise and restrict fatty foods.