Do I have emphysema?

Patient: Hi, I am 27 years old. and my sickness started when I was 18I have a problem in breathing and I hope that you can help me.I am facing a huge difficulty in breathing and there’s a strong pain in my chest.I can’t do any effort at all , I can’t even walk for 20 meter without feeling difficulty in breathing and panting. also when I smell perfume or fume I can’t breathe. now I eat a few food to take a breathe.My x-ray on chest is clear but my echocardiogram shows: picture of mitral valve prolapse,trival MRmy ct-chest shows that I have hyper-inflated lungs 2-clear both lungs field 3- no pleural or pericardial sac the way there’s no cough or wheezing and I am not a smoker but I smoked weeds 8 times in my whole life.I am still feeling difficulty in breathing and the feeling is increasing day by day,now I stay at home and can’t live my life normally.can’t sleep well.Is there any treatment for my case? I hope that you really can help me.I went to many doctors but no one could diagnose my disease except one doctor lately told me that I have emphysema and prescribed me (onbrez 300 and lelafre) .according to my symptoms, x-ray and ct-scan do I have emphysema?because I have hyper-inflated lungs that means I have emphysema or what? and I am dying slowly.should I take these drugs? I don’t want to take any drug makes my case worse.