Do I have Genital Herpes or am I just paranoid?

Patient: Okay so to start I have never had sex, I am still a virgin. I have had cold sores most of my life, about 1 every 3-6 months. Okay so I had a mild case of phismosis which means i could pull it back when it was flaccid but not when it was erect. I spoke to my doctor about this and she gave me a cream to apply for 2 weeks. This was an anti bacteria / fungi + steroid cream. I applied this for 2 weeks and now i can retract my penis when its erect but not easily. I pulled my foreskin one day just to test it out while it was erect but the foreskin got stuck behind my penis head. I pushed on my penis head firmly to squeeze it back into the foreskin and eventually succeeded. The next day while I was showering i felt a sharp pain while the water ran over my penis head. At first I didnt notice anything but then a few hours later I noticed a red sore/rip on my penis head. I brushed this off thinking it would heal pretty fast because it was just a small rip. The next day I took a look and there were more rips this time. Everyday there was a new rip and they really hurt. I continued applying the anti bacteria / fungi cream while there red spots appeared as i read online that it can help. At first I thought the rip was from me squeezing the head of my penis to push it back in the foreskin, but now i was confused as to why more were appearing. Then a couple days later, i went to urinate and it was very painful and after a finished, a milk coloured liquid discharged from my penis and this felt tingly. Now i need to know whether I have genital herpes as I do get cold sores around my mouth or if it is something else. Please reply ASAP

Symptoms: Red sores on penis head, whitish clear discharge coming from penis after urination, painful urination