Do I have hiv or std

Patient: I’m a 28 yr old bi male I had unprotected anal sex for the first time two weeks ago on a Thursday night. The guy was 19 and swore he was clean. We only made out, he performed oral and then I topped him. The next night, Friday I started to feel sick. I have a sore throat, enlarged tonsils, and white spots on tonsils. Dr did strep test and said it wasn’t strep, gave levaquin and still didn’t go away. Went today so they can do blood work. I read a lot online that it’s really unlikely that if I did get something that it would show up that fast, I also read that nothing is conclusive for hiv testing till 3 months. Am I just driving myself crazy and it’s all mental that I’m making myself sick? Please any advice would help. And yes I learned my lesson about protection, hate having this sickening feeling.

Symptoms: Semi sore throat, enlarged tonsils, white spots on tonsils