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Do I have OCD or ADHD

Patient: Hello I am GavinLately I have become very anxious. This is due to a mental problem I’ve had to deal with since. 5 grade. I have to count, snap, or touch my fingers for every item I pass and or see. Sometimes I only have to account for big items but lately I become very anxious if I don’t account for every thing I see. I’ll even be forced to far to count the leaves on trees. Do I have OCD or ADHD?



Symptoms: Anxiety



Doctor: Thank you for question. We do empathize with what you are experiencing and we will try our best to help you with the inf ormation you have provided. OCD and ADHD are both very complex psychological illness that require a skilled psychiatrist to diagnose. We recommend you see a psychiatrist who will perform a full assessment of your condition and provide you with the necessary treatment for your illness.Thank you for choosing

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Guest: you could be displaying a slight form of autism, I would check out the symptoms of autism just to make sure……..


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