Do I have oral herpes or something else?

Patient: I have a question about herpes…NOTE: i have had sex before, but ALWAYS with condoms. I have done oral and it is ALWAYS with condoms as well. I have kissed people before, and may have drank out of friends’ drinks. NEVER have i kissed anyone with obvious sores on their mouths

Symptoms: Small random sores keep popping up ONLY INSIDE MOUTH, white patches on throat (not extremely painful to swallow.)

Doctor: Hello,Firstly if you have practiced protected sex and have taken due care to ensure preventive measures then it is un likely that you would be infected. What you are possibly experiencing are possible cold sores either on lips or even possible Aphthous ulcers inside mouth (due to vitamin b6 deficiency/niacin). Also, sore throat could be because of acute pharyngitis and not otherwise.You may however visit your physician for a local examination and confirmation of the diagnosis of lesion.wishing you good health,regards