Do I have pre diabetes or hyperglycemia? 

Patient: Do I have pre diabetes or hyperglycemia? I have been feeling tired and lazy, I’ve been eating a lot, frequently going to the bathroom and breathing heavily. I’m also 18 years old if that helps.

Doctor: Hi.Welcome to Ask the Doctor. Thanks for your query.Noted your history of feeling tired and lazy, eating a lot, fr equently going to bathroom and breathing heavily.Wanted to know if you have Pre diabetes or hyperglycemia?Well, it is very difficult to comment whether you have pre diabetes or not just based on what you said above.Though some of your findings point towards diabetes like eating a lot and going to bathroom frequently but it needs to be confirmed by some tests.I would suggest you to get the blood work done and urine analysis for diabetes screening so that you can be assured whether you have diabetes or not!Also i would like to advise you the following.1. Do moderate physical exercise daily like walking, running, jogging.2. Have a healthy and nutritious diet. Avoid junk foods.3. Have adequate sleep of 6-7 hours per day.4. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol, if you do so.5. If you are over weight then try to loose some pounds as this can greatly help you.Hope this helps.Wish you good health.Take care.