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Do I have recurrent porstatitis?

Patient: Hi. About three months ago I was diagnosed with a case of acute bacterial prostatitis. I was put on a four week course of ofloxacin. My urine samples were negative for bacteria but from what i understand, this is common for prostatitis sufferers. I have recently been experiencing some discharge after urination. No real burning, or blood in urine, but a weak stream and the same lower back pain that I experienced the first time around. Should I go back to get examined even though I have my appt with a urologist in about a week and a half? I would like to be antibiotic free in case the uro wants a sample of prostatic fluid for culture. I’m afraid just because of the history they’ll stick me on another long course of quinolones (which by the way caused major pain in my hips after long term use) Are there other anti-microbials that are as effective as quinolones. I’m worried if I leave it to long it will spread to my bladder or my urethra. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




Doctor: You should go back to the doctor to be re-examined. There are several conditions that need to be ruled out including rec urrent prostatitis.  You should also be tested for the presence of a sexually transmitted infection such as gonorrhea or chlamydia.If prostatitis is confirmed, there are other antibiotics, apart from floroquinolones, that may be used to successfully treat the condition. One such antibiotic is Bactrim. Be sure to explain your previous complications with the use of quinoones to your physician.


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