Do I have social anxiety?

Patient: Do I have social anxiety? My name is Ivan Ramirez, I am 15, currently in highschool. I blush a lot, I hate public speaking and don’t like it when attention is on me. When it is, my face turns red, my palms get sweaty, and my hands and body start to shake. I can talk to someone but not when someone else is listening to our conversation or when others are in the same room. I go the entire day with sweaty palms, I even sweat from my underarms when I’m just sitting down or when I’m nervous. I feel as if this is holding me back from doing better at school. I don’t like sharing opinions thinking that people will judge what I say and then I’ll start to blush and sweat. I really want to get this over with soon because next year I have to do a 10 min presentation as my final exam in one of my classes. Please help me.

Symptoms: Blushing and mild hyperhydrosis

Doctor: Hello.Welcome to Ask The Doctor. I understand your concern.You seem to be suffering from Social Anxiety.You sho uld see a doctor, who would evaluate you for the causes like Heart issues, thyroid disorders, anemia that can also cause palpitations and tiredness.If your reports come out to be normal, then you would require to do meditation and relaxation exercises.Eat healthy diet. Include fruits and green leafy vegetables in diet.Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption in case you do.Share my opinion with your doctor before acting upon it.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy