Do i have std or sti

Patient: HiI had oral sex with another guy and a day later i started to have sore throat and feel nausea and have diarrhea. im abit worried something has gone wrong which is making me feel sick.i feel like vomiting but i dont vomit.can you tell me if this is a sign of any type of STI infectionThanks

Symptoms: Symptoms: sore throat, nausea, diarrhea

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.There is a possibility of a disease called infectious disease which can present with flu -like symptoms soon after a sexual intercourse, not exactly oral sex, but just with kissing even.Looks like you have developed flu like symptoms, which is viral and may subside with symptomatic treatment. We cannot say that this is a STD as it will take some more time to manifest and the symptoms are vague and not specific to them.To clear the doubt, I suggest you see a doctor personally and get an examination done. few investigations of blood and urine may be needed. If it is a STD, the doctor may wish to begin treatment accordingly.At present for your symptoms,suggest you to do warm saline gargles 4 times a day, it will reduce sore throat, chew on languages and also have antacids available over the counter, to reduce the acidity which could be causing nausea. Kindly stop worrying as stress increases nausea.Also, drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated to combat the loss of fluids happening in the form of diarrhea. Avoid spicy food, coffee, tea and alcohol.Hope this helped.Regards.