Do I have strep throat?

Patient: Does this look like step throat?

Symptoms: bumpless red dots, soreness, wasnt sore really until I touched them, but maybe I noticed them before the soreness started?

Do I have strep throat?-1

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Strep throat is a bacterial form of pharyngitis resulting in a red swollen uvula and tonsi ls, white spots on the back of the throat and tonsils, and a coated-greyish appearance of the tongue. The picture you provided could possibly be indicative the early stages of strep throat or this could be due to a viral infection.In order to determine if this is in fact strep throat, a swabbing of the back of your throat would need to be taking and cultured to see if it grows the bacteria causing strep throat. In order to treat this, we would give you antibiotics. In the meantime, you can symptomatically treat your sore throat by using some over the counter sore throat lozenges and gargling with warm salted water.Thank you for choosing