Do I have UTI or is this something else?

Patient: Do I have UTI or can Chlamydia recur?I’m a sexually active male aged 34. I’m very loyal to my wife, and she is to me. Back around 8 years ago, I was infected with chlamydia, but got treated for it. I am experiencing a mild burning sensation right before and while peeing, but only slightly after. Unlike when I got chlamydia before, right now there is no discharge.

Symptoms: Symptoms: frequent urination, mild burning sensation while peeing, pain in my lower right back side or under the rib area. No discharge.

Doctor: Thanks for your question.I guess it may be a cystitis (UTI), rather than a chlamydia infection. More so because it i s not associated with any discharge. You need to go for C/S of urine.Hope it helps. Wish you good health.