Do I have UTI??? Or just results of my vagina stretching???

Patient: Hi, last Sunday me and my bf became intimate and he started “fingering” me this is this first time this has been done to me. During the process i was quite dry and not lubricated enough and he was a little rough. There was pain but not uncomfortably so. After i got home when i went to urinate i felt pain and the urine smelled strong and concentrated, i brushed this off thinking it was a result of him begin a little rough. The next morning as i urinated i again felt some pain and the urine still smelled strong. I dont know what is wrong with me i have tried researching and while i only have one symptom of UTI i dont understand why my urine smells sooo strong even when its not concetrated. Its been five days and while pain pain gets less and less my urine is as strong as before. I should also add that im not sexually active and have never masterbated