Do I need medication for PCOD and Hypothyroidism?

Patient: HI, I am 25 year old, Unmarried, Weight: 54 kg. I have hypothyroidism, under medication(Thyronorm) since 2008. Also, the report says “Impression of PCOD” I have irregular periods. Sometimes doesnt get for an year, unless medicine Primolut N taken.. What can be done to get it regularize without medicine.

Doctor: Both hypothyroidism and PCOD can cause a delay in the menstrual periods. Unless these conditions are under control, ther e is no easy way to regularise your periods. Oral contraceptive pills are often prescribed in women with PCOD to regularize menstruation. I can’t tell whether your period would become regular without medication, but it looks that you are on the right path and I strongly suggest that you to comply with your medications. I wish you the best.