Do I need to have D&C for a 4 weeks miscarriage?

Patient: Do I need to have D&C for a 4 weeks miscarriage?Had my period on 16 march and lasted 8 days with heavy bleeding. On 1 April got brown spotting. Then on 13 April heavy bleeding and clouts, doctor suggests this was miscarriage. Do I need to have D&C? My blood test is 10.

Symptoms: Heavy blood, clouts, previous irregular period (12 days)

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Please go for ultrasound once to confirm the possibility of miscarriage and to estimate the amount of retained products.If there are large amount of retained products, you may need to undergo D&C.If there are very minimal amount of retained products, medical treatment like misoprostol tablets may work.So, after undergoing ultrasound, proceed according to your doctor’s advice.Take care.