Do I need to see a doctor to treat Shingles?

Patient: I believe I have shingles. It started three days ago with an itch on the upper right side of my back. I thought nothing of it at the time – I assumed it was my clothes or something. That night when I got in bed I noticed two or three coin-sized bumps on my back. They were red and itchy, but not sore. The next day the 2 bumps became 4 bumps. Yesterday they were incredibly itchy but today they’re a little painful rather than itchy. The pain isn’t too bad – just a little uncomfortable. The bumps occur pretty much in line on just one side of my body which makes me believe it is shingles.I’m only 19 but I do believe this is shingles from what I have read. Do I really need to go to a doctor or is there something I can purchase from a pharmacy to ease the virus a little?

Symptoms: sore muscles, itching, slight stabbing pain