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Do I need to take Plan B?

Patient: I missed my birth control pill on Monday. I took it with my regular pill on Tuesday. I had sex Tuesday night and my boyfriend didn’t pull out.. Do I need to take plan b?



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Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,If you just missed one pill on Monday and then supplemented it by taking two pill together on Tuesday and didn’t experience any spotting on Tuesday then after having unprotected intercourse on Tuesday evening, still you remain adequately protected by your birth control pill and you need not take PLAN-B . Just continue the BC pack daily and regularly hence till you complete it religiously.Please don’t worry, you are pregnancy safe, as you did the right thing by taking 2 pills the next day which maintained the hormonal level preventing any ovulation.I hope have answered your query in detail,Wishing you safe sexual practices,Regards

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Patient: That was great! Thank you. I did however experience spotting. I saw faint pinkness on toilet paper. Tuesday was my 4th pill of my first week. Could it just be from the end of my menstrual cycle? I experienced the spotting on Tuesday night and on Wednesday. What happens if spotting was present?

Doctor: If it was your 4th day then you are all the more safe as its your safe period and there is no chance of pregnancy at all. The spotting is likely to be the remnant of your menstrual bleed. if this was mid cycle then i would have asked you to take a plan -b if spotting and withdrawal would have seen then.


Doctor: you are most welcome.


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