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Do Lipomas Go Away On Their Own ?

Dear Ask The Doctor:
I went to the doctor, and It turns out I have a Lipoma (benign tumor, consisted of fatty tissue) its really tiny, smaller than a pea. I was wondering if they go away on their own, or if you have to go to the doctor and get it removed ? I would like it if it would just go away !


As you have correctly stated, a lipoma is benign, fatty tumor. They are harmless. Unfortunately, they do not always resolve on their own but instead slowly grow and may reach very large sizes. When they become very big, they pose cosmetic concerns. Given that the lipoma you have is the size of a pea then there is no need to have it removed unless you want to, bearing in mind that it may increase in size in years to come.  An other reasons for removal would be if the lipoma is causing pain.

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