Do these numbers indicate anything for chronic hives?

Patient: Hi! I get a lot of rashes/hives. I’m allergic to a bunch of environmental things and received allergy shots for 15 years. I’m also on a lot of allergy medicine, but still break out in rashes. I had a couple blood tests done and this is the results:-“C4 complements: 13 mg/dL…normal range is 14-40 mg/dL”-“C1 Esterase Inhibitor Antigen S: 20mg/dL…normal range is 19-37 mg/dL”-“C1 Estrs Inh, Func: 85% of normal…normal range is >67″Any idea what this means? I haven’t heard back from my doctor yet.Thanks!

Symptoms: Hives, rash, itchyness, inflammation