Do these symptoms match anything. Do You Know what it is?

Patient: I have been waking up with frequent stomachaches and last through out the day. sometimes i feel nauseated and weak, happens usually before and after eating. I also have anxiety issues and sometimes it comes into physical symptoms. One time right before dinner my whole body was shaking. Is everything i am feeling due to anxiety or is it something else?

Symptoms: Headaches
nausea(before and after lunch)
weak (before and after lunch)
stomachaches starting when I wake up and periodically happens throughout day
anemia hands

Do these symptoms match any...-1 Do these symptoms match any...-1 Do these symptoms match any...-1

Doctor: Hi dear patient, stomachaches are worrisome especially when it comes at night when you are asleep, The symptoms which yo u are experiencing are suggestive of severe gastritis and it is due to the anxiety disorder which causes lot of stress on to your stomach. And the medications which you are taking can also sometimes cause nausea and stomachaches. Firstly you need to control the anxiety, i would suggest you to fallow a healthy diet and regular physical exercise daily. And also my advise is to consult a psychiatrist for further needful.