Do women spot after menopause?

Patient: Do women ever exhibit spotting after menopause?

Doctor: I realize your concern about post menopausal bleeding. Let’s look at the definition of menopause.Menopause occurs when en you haven’t had a period for 12 months continuously. Any type of bleeding after that is not considered normal and should be studied to rule out the cause of it.If you lead a very stressful life you can be prone to spotting. Already your body is going through some phenomenal changes and it needs to adapt. When you stress out your bodies rhythm goes out and this can cause spotting after menopause.The use of different hormone treatments or replacement drugs, which make your body fall out of routine can be also another cause of it, Sometimes there really is no need to worry too much, but none the less it’s always to be safe than sorry.Certainly the major concern lies in that spotting could be in affect something very serious like uterine cancer. Although curable when detected early, it still can be a trying time for any woman to go through the trials of having uterine cancer. I would suggest you to consult your Gynecologist for a more detailed evaluation to rule out the cause of your bleeding.