Do you think i could still be prenant..

Patient: Do you think i could still be prenant..he always pulls out, I was about a week late and just got my period 2 days ago and it was normal for those 2 then just stopped abruptly today…(my period normally lasts between 7 to 10…5 if I’m extremely lucky) I’ve been feeling tired but didn’t think much of it and yesterday I got some cramping and today i have sharp pain under my ribcage sometimes and my lower abdomen is still cramping but no period. I also have been nauseous all day and have been feeling like I need to throw up after every cigarette I have or smell (i have been pregnant twice before and had an abortion both times and cigarette smoke and smoking making me sick was one of my first signs) I took a test tonight but it was negative..I’m just wondering if even with the negative test and extremely short period if you thinki could still be pregnant…and if you don’t what else could be causing these symptoms?