Do you think I’m pregnant? Help me!

Patient: My period was supposed to come on December 1st buy it didn’t so I had sex on the 3rd with a comdom. He ejaculated in the comdom and we kept having sex for about a minute. Right after sex I had bleeding and I thought that my period was on. The bleeding only lasted through the night. Every since then Ive been having cramping every now and then like my period is going to come on. I really don’t have any pregnancy symptoms except feeling nauseous every now and then but I sometimes experience that anyways. I havent taken a test because I’m afraid of the results do you think I could be pregnant?

Symptoms: Cramps, nauseous sometimes

Doctor: Hello,If your periods have been regular and you were expecting your menses on December 1st , yet they didn’t start an d you had protected sex on 3rd December , then you had a bleed which indicated that the endometrium was secretory and ready to be shed. In such case , the likelihood pf pregnancy is minimal.However if you have not resumed your menses for more than a week now, it would still be better to rule out any pregnancy first with a urine pregnancy test and then if your menses don’t resume within 15 days of your missed period , then you may visit your physician for a transvaginal ultrasound to look for endometrial thickness, which if found to be more than 10mm, you can opt for a withdrawal bleed with pregestins to resume your menses.However , the cramps and nausea that you are experiencing may well be the premenstrual symptoms and likely that your menses should resume in few days. So you can wait for some days and if the menses don’t resume then visit your physician for an ultrasound.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards