Do you think im suffering from depression?

Patient: Im 13 years old 14 next week and i think i might be suffering from depression…Ever since i was about 7 or 8 i get really upset over things that i shouldnt and i have always worried about things i shouldnt, sometimes i have good days and i feel great but most of the time i have bad days like today, i get up get a shower and think of stuff that i can do that day but by the time i have got changed i think whats the point and sometimes end up putting my pajamas back on and laying in bed for most of the day and sometimes i just sit on the sofa and watch tv all day because i think i have nothing better to do, my mood can change easily 1 minute im up for something the next im not. I have had moments where i cry to myself and feel sorry for myself and im not sure why but i cant stop crying. Also i dont know if this has anything to do with it but i hate having my haircut you wouldnt believe how much i hate it i dont trust the hairdresser and i get scared of the outcome and what i will look like after i have even cried over it a few times. I have never been bullied but i never go out with my friends i have been asked but i think of things that could go wrong and im really negative. I always imagine myself living a better life. I also always listen to the song skyscraper by demi lovato it helps me get through things and makes me think to myself to stay strong. I have never cut myself but i have moments were i pinch myself hard as a way of letting all my anger out on how upset i am and fed up of life. I know that my mum suffered from depression and about a year ago my brother went through a stage for about 3 months were it was like he was depressed but i dont know for sure. Do you think i am depressed? honestly?