Do you think we might have strep throat too?

Patient: Okay so I babysit and the two children that have strep throat. Their on antibiotics now although I babysat for one day when they weren’t on antibiotics yet or hadn’t been to the doctor, and he sneezed near my face on my neck and chest. My 6 year old daughter came with me to babysit and her throat started hurting the day after, and now had bad diarrhea the next day. It has only been 2 days since symptoms started. Also other than the occasional symptoms we feel fine. My throat just feels a little funny and I have to clear it a lot, and I felt nauseated for a little while yesterday. Can you catch it from in the air close to your face or skin contact, and do you think it sounds as if we have it too? Thanks!

Symptoms: Daughter: Throat pain, Diarrhea Myself: Throat feels itchy/have to clear throat, nausea