Doc prescribed me norvasc 10mg generic, gave me tachycardia

Patient: Im a white male 36 5ft 10 inches 180 pounds, my doc prescribed me norvasc generic 10mg for blood pressure . this is my first dose taken at 6pm and it is now 3am, the medication has given me tachycardia, from what ive read online the doc will either discontinue med or lower dose, i can’t take ace inhibitors cause they make me cough, i ve taken meds before that have caused tachycardia and it sucks. just need some piece of mind, i know i will not take another dose, i do not want to go through another day like this, atleast im use to being up at this time cause i work nights.

Symptoms: Just the tachy cardia, dont feel dizzy disoriented, just hate when meds do this to me, i know these symptoms will eventually go away just sucks