Doctor I need to know a discuss a few issues

Patient: Doctor I need to know a discuss a few issues which I hav been encountering since long1. I masturbate almost on a daily basis and my cum is absolutely water like there is no stickiness at all2. The fluid discharged is transparent mostly I see very little whiteness or sperms I suppose3. My ejaculation period is not more than 1 minuteI m very worried cuz I believe these are infertility symptomsKind provide me ur valuable adviceRegards

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.Masturbating excessively and every day will lead to reduced amount of semen production or more accurately the replacement of semen will be inadequate.If possible, you should stop masturbating to help improve the quality of the semen. The sperm count is not low in the semen and will almost go back to normal within a few days of stopping masturbating.Hope this helps you. All the best.