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Doctor I suffered a injury from a fall to my knee

Patient: DoctorI suffered a injury from a fall to my knee on 4 May. An Xray was taken and the result were nothing broken or abnormal and the ER doctor called it a knee contusion. Later in the month I felt something was wrong and I went to a Sports Medicine doctor who sent me for an MRI of the Knee. Results were that he suspected something was wrong with my tendon and he sent me for a MRI of my thigh. The results came back that I had a severe torn Patella Quadriceps Tendon. I am now scheduled to see a Orthopedic surgeon on 26 June. So the time from my initial Xray to even seeing a Orthopedic Surgeon is now 8 weeks an counting and if I am to have an operation it will likely be at least 9 weeks.My concern is that everything I read says that surgery should be done in 3-6 weeks.I am more than annoyed that this has taken so long-the wait for a week or more for MRI and just to see a Surgeon.So my questions are what will be the effect of such a long wait from injury to surgery? Based on the little I have told you is surgery necessary for a severely torn but not detached Tendon, or could I just go with strengthening and would this heal it. and I have not had my leg immobilized at all except for having it bandaged for a few days following the injury. Please advise. Thank you Tom



Symptoms: Severely Torn Patella Quadriceps Tendon–but I can straiten my knee and walk but my knee gives out when I walk and I have severe pain when sleeping at night



Doctor: HelloThank you for posting your query on ATD.I have gone through your query and understand your concern. You have severe torn quadriceps tendon. Surgery is needed for it. Delay in surgery will effect results of surgery in the sense this will be not as good as as early surgery. Your range of motion of knee can be less and you may need long postoperative physiotherapy. Hope your query get answered.Wishing you a good health.Take care.

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Patient: I am very disappointed as the reason for the delay as been the long time was the initial xray simply said knee contusion and the delay in time to see a sports medicine doctor and the several weeks to get the MRIs.
Doctor do you know if Platelet Rich Plasma injection works?
Thank you Tom

Doctor: It is unlikely to work much. I think surgical repair will be required.

Patient: just one more question? Do you think a wait of 9-10 weeks is just too long?

Doctor: It is not too long but it effects outcome as there is likely effecting range of motion of knee , so more physiotherapy will be required postoperatively and it also makes operation difficult.


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