Doctor in Germany Lazy to do Homework

Patient: Hello I am a doctor in Germany and I want to move to California. What requirements do I need to become a doctor in the state of California? Do I have to take an exam or do I have to do my residential all over again there.

Doctor: We had to post this question on the front page of our website.We often get questions from children and students asking for answers related to their assignments.  Our response to them has always been that this is a site for medical information for the general public and not a site to have your homework done by someone.Our response is the same to you. If you are truly interested in becoming a doctor in the USA – FIND OUT HOW TO DO IT BY ASKING THE PROPER AUTHORITIES.To save you some time, I can tell you that we are NOT the medical licensing board for the state of California and that we are NOT the proper authorities on the matter.Sorry if our site mislead you into thinking that we were the licensing board of the state of California or if our site lead you to believe that we do other people’s homework.We feel sorry for your patients.