Patient: Hello i think i may have a problem with my penis i am currently 15 years oldand i had sexual intercourse just well over a year ago, ever since I’ve beenbattling to try and find out what the problem is alone, i was partly successfulas i got tested for chlamydia, Gonorrhea and HIV(AIDS), but i still have someunusual symptoms appearing, i don’t know if they are an STD or just somethingelse, this is why i need your help, i have been inspecting my penis over theyear and i have seen different variates of things appear and go, as of nowthere is a couple small but visible white spots on the outside of my penis, thenwhen i roll my foreskin back there is some red marks, and maybe some tinyspots?, they usually come and go but I’m not sure if they’re really a majorproblem, also sometimes little red marks on the skin with a white spot appear tocover the red mark, the spot is only tiny, but I’m still worried, i would alsolike to ask if there is still hope for me as i have waited ayear?, as i thought nothing of it only i know about this and at 15 its prettyscary, so do you think it would be the right idea to speak to my mother aboutit? because i need someone to talk to and the doctors haven’t done a really goodjob of keeping my mind at peace, could you please answer my question i wouldreally be happy with the reply, thank you very much, Jack.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible that this spot could be related to a viral sexually transmitted infection. T his can either be caused by herpes or human papillomavirus. Since you have had this lesion for some time now, we recommend that you have it examined by your doctor to determine if this is indeed a sexually transmitted infection.Thank you for consulting