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Doctor said I might have urethritis, I took full STD

Patient: Doctor said I might have urethritis, I took full STD test but came out clear. I got prescribed 2 grams of Metronidazole to be taken all at once and Doxcycline for 10 days. Is all this necessary? I just took the Metronidazole btw



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for writing to us.I have read your case and appreciate your concern for health.There are many c auses of urethritis apart from STD like:1) irritation from a product used in the genital area – such as soap, deodorant or spermicide2) damage to the urethra caused by vigorous sex or masturbation, or by frequently squeezing the urethra – some men may do this if they are worried they have an infection3) damage to the urethra caused by inserting an object into it, such as a catheter – this can be done during an operation in hospital4) Urinary tract infection5) E. coli and other bacteria present in stoolIt is important to take proper treatment (as advised by your doctor) for urethritis as if untreated can lead to various complications such as persistent urethritis, Reiters syndrome, Pelvic inflammatory disease in female partners, spread of infection to other parts of the urinary tract, including the ureters, kidneys, and bladder and infertility ( in both males and females).It is advisable for you to complete course of antibiotics prescribed to you to prevent above mentioned complications.Hope I could solve your query.Feel free to refer back.regards



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Patient: Thank you for your quick reply. So even though I do not have an STD, I should still take Doxycycline even though it’s for Chlamydia?

Doctor: Hello
Thanks for writing back.
You should take full course of doxycycline as it is given for all types of urethritis and not only for STD related ones. Also it is prophylactic treatment for prevention of complications like epididymo-orchitis( infection of epididymis and testis)
Hope this helps.
Feel free to write back

Patient: Wow great thank you! And if I get headaches is Advil ok?

Doctor: Hello,
Thanks for writing back.
You can take Advil for headaches provided you don’t have recurrent ones because that may warrant need of proper investigation and examination to rule out organicity.
Hope this helps


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